Coole Bierzapfanlage …

Endlich mal eine Bierzapfanlage, bei der nichts danebengezapft wird;-)

Keine Ahnung, was die Becher kosten; aber vom Grundgedanken her ‘ne witzige Idee…

Und passend dazu der Weißbierroboter:


Auf jeden Fall bekomme ich so langsam Durst… und trinke mir dann erstmal ‘nen Kaffee ;-)

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  1. Karen,It was with great pleasure that I read your book and reached out across the ocean toward you. You have been a dear and true presence and I am so grateful that we have connected. You are officially and talentedly launched into the world of publishing.(and thank you for linking to You Are My Only)xob

  2. Never mind, I’ve found the answer, even though it’s totally not obvious.There is no ‘INFO’ tab on my Page.It’s another “LIKES” area.Just under Timelines image, there is a area for Photos, Likes and Maps.These Likes are for people that like your page.Underneath the “Recent posts by others” is a box called ‘LIKES”.This is where you find the pages that your page has Liked.So, two areas for Likes for different reasons.Hope this helps someone else.B.

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